Strap your car to the rollers and send it.

Glutenous Indulgence

Let the inner fat kid out to play. We all have one. LET IT FEAST!

I feel like DANCING!

Come getcha groove on with our mostly professional Groovemaster

It's electric                boogie woogie woogie

We just want to have fun, meet people, play with cars, and eat some food. We want you to do the same. T-Shirts should be available for those who wish to support our little shin dig, but we may go broke before that happens. If that's the case, feel free to bring a shirt and we can run it over, so you have a super sentimental reminder of the totally awesome time you had watching cars go really fast, standing still.

The event is open to the public, but we do ask that participants please be orderly and respectful. We have to hide this as best as possible from the landlord. He can't know what we are up to. Shhhhhh.

Anyone wishing to potentially break their car on the dyno, should contact the event admin at the email address posted at the bottom of this page. Waivers will be handed out the day of the event, to protect all involved. We appreciate your cooperation.

Click to see us testing the dyno with a 75D

Wanna know more

Want to know more? Are you a company that maybe wants to give us money or services, in exchange for a tiny little spot on the event banner and T-Shirt (more money = bigger spot)? Do you want to run your car on the dyno? Are you just super lonely and need a faceless person to talk to? Click the button somewhere over yonder and send us a message. It will probably go to spam and never be read.

Just kidding.

I hope.